Cigars, becoming a reseller

Hello and Welcome to the World of the Cigar! Whether you are an individual or a company, and regardless of the country where you live, if you are interested in reselling cigars, you should get in touch with us.

We are a cigar factory, established in the Dominican Republic, where we manufacture our cigars, and our prices are “ex factory”. The profit margin is really interesting and will allow you to reap nice profits.

Do you want to invest a lot of time? Or simply work from your home for a few hours? This activity is ideal for you!

We can suggest several marketing solutions, depending on your goals.

1 - The simplest solution is for you to buy our cigars and resell them, as you see fit, without incurring any obligations as far as we are concerned.

2 - We can also provide you with out Internet support: The website ( ) has been well researched and is multi-reseller oriented. As an example: we can open an account
With this account, your first and last name (or your company name or pseudonym) appear on top of the page, and your contact data also appears on the bottom of each page. You will be the one who receives the forms and inquiries, as though the website belonged to you. The account is set up free of charge; the same goes for the sub-resellers, and you will not incur any expenses during the whole time of our collaboration.

Moreover, once an account has been set up, you can make use of our “Multi-Level” system, i.e. you yourself can create accounts for your sub-resellers (through your interface). Our program manages everything, and you do not have to do anything. The commission for all orders that you generate, amounts to between 15 and 25 %, depending on the volume of your business. In addition you will receive 5 % on the business volume of your sub-resellers.

3.- For more savvy retailers we can create their own Internet boutique; this online store is controlled by an interface and allows you to manage all your information, prices, etc. ..., leaving you total flexibility to maneuver and, therefore, to manage your business as you see fit. The implementation costs for this solution amount to US$ 350 . Thereafter, and during the whole term of our collaboration, there will be no further expenses. The domain name will be registered in your own name, and the website will be placed on your own server (free of charge).

For further information, please send us a E-mail: , and our project manager will contact you shortly.

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Paco Blanco