Cigars type Petit Corona completely hand-made in the Dominican Republic
Price starting at US$ 2.05 the unit

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Petit Corona style cigars, price starting at US$ 2.05 the unit

    5/42 ( L : 12.70 cm / Ø : 1.78 cm )

  • Cigars manufactured in the Dominican Republic.
  • Hand-made in our own shops
  • Manufacturer's price for the consumer
  • 4 types of wrappers: Connecticut, Havana, Maduro, Double

    The petit Corona cigar comes in 4 flavors (at the same price):
    - Connecticut wrapper : Light-colored wrapper, light taste
    - Havana wrapper : Darker wrapper, stronger taste
    - Maduro wrapper :Dark wrapper, full-bodied flavor
    - Double wrapper : Two-tone wrapper, light, full-bodied taste

    The cigars are offered by bundle or by box (in mahogany wood) of 5, 10 or 25.

    Tariff schedule depending on quantity of cigars bought:

    Purchases between 1,000 and 5,000
    Purchases between 5,000 and 10,000
    Purchases 10,000 and more
    Unit price per cigar: US$ 3.05
    Unit price per cigar: US$ 2.55
    Unit price cigar: US$ 2.05

    For all shipments of cigars packaged in mahogany boxes, the price of the box has to be added:
    Price of box for 5 cigars: US$ 4
    Price of box for 10 cigars: US$ 5
    Price of box for 25 cigars: US$ 6

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Petit Corona

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